How to Make Car Reels on Instagram (Easy)

How to Make Car Reels on Instagram

Reels can be an effective method to increase your reach, enhance engagement, and grow your community.

Creating Reels on Instagram requires time, skill, and effort.

This guide offers assistance on utilizing Reels and provides tips for creating successful ones.

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How to Create Car Reels on Instagram

After learning how to make a Reel on Instagram, the key to standing out is in the execution.

Here are three tips for creating high-quality Reels.

  • Hook Your Audience

  • Provide Value

  • Hop on Timely Trends

#1: Hook Your Audience

According to a recent study, brands and businesses have limited visibility.

Goldfish have a nine-second attention span, for comparison.

Having an opening hook is essential to retain user engagement and keep them on your platform for longer durations.

There are various ways to grab the reader’s attention, such as an open-ended question, an engaging visual, or an intriguing announcement.

Experiment and observe your audience’s reactions, as the most straightforward approaches often yield the most effective results.

Chamberlain Coffee hinted at a forthcoming product release.

The message is straightforward and effectively conveyed through a playful animation with sound effects and ASMR elements.

#2: Provide Value

Instagram Reels can significantly increase a brand’s reach and impressions, with the most impactful videos being those that offer valuable content.

Understanding your audience and their expectations is key.

Providing value can come in various forms, such as offering quick tips, sharing simple and fun recipes, or providing relatable jokes.

A tutorial on managing stressed skin using KraveBeauty products can be found on their brand’s website, as demonstrated by the brand’s video.

The post received over 37K views and generated a lively discussion in the comments section, showing that value is essential on Instagram Reels.

#3: Hop on Timely Trends

Following trends is a key element in creating viral Instagram Reels, whether it involves dances, audio, or challenges.

Being immersed in Reels content is important.

By identifying new trends, you can incorporate them into your overall strategy and niche.

It is recommended to spend some time looking through the Reels feed, exploring the content on the explore page, and taking note of any trends that stand out to you.

And that’s it!

Incorporating Instagram Reels into your marketing strategy in 2023 can help to expand your reach, establish credibility, and engage with your target audience, whether you are a brand, business, or creator.

By utilizing a structured approach, creativity, and strategic effects, users can quickly see the benefits, such as increased engagement, of using Instagram Reels.

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What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a type of short-form video on the app that can be used to share entertaining, educational, and inspiring content.

Reels, like TikTok, are presented in a vertical format for a continuous, scrollable feed.

Users have the ability to create and edit short video clips ranging from 15 to 90 seconds, incorporating popular music trends, filters, and text.

One benefit is that Instagram Reels are tailored for users based on their interests, allowing for the opportunity for reaching new and relevant audiences.

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How to Make an Instagram Reel (a Step-by-step Guide):

A guide on creating Instagram Reels in 2023, presented in four steps:

  • Storyboard Concept

  • Shoot Instagram Reel

  • Preview and Add Effects

  • Share Instagram Reel

This post breaks down all the steps (continue scrolling) – alternatively, you can watch a quick tutorial on YouTube if you prefer video content.

Step #1: Storyboard Your Concept

It is advisable to have a plan in place before proceeding through a red light to avoid potential failure.

Below are some initial questions for you to answer.

  • Which topic aligns best with your business or brand — fashion and styling, food recipes, or wellness tips?

  • What is your plan for ensuring consistency between your Reels content and your Instagram feed posts or Stories?

  • Identify your target audience and determine the type of content that will resonate with them, whether it be tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, or a day-in-the-life videos.

After reviewing the app, take note of visuals, text, trends, and aesthetics that could serve as inspiration.

To effectively execute your idea, create a storyboard detailing the necessary shots to bring your concept to life.

By previewing your Reels, you can visualize how they will appear and create a structured strategy to follow.

Step #2: Shoot Your Instagram Reel

It’s time to create an Instagram Reel.

There are three different ways to create and view Instagram Reels.

  • The Reels tab

  • Your Instagram home screen

  • The Instagram Stories camera

Instructions on creating a reel can be found in the Reels tab.

To create a Reel from the Reels tab, access the Reels tab and tap on the camera icon located on the top right of your screen.

Instructions on creating a reel can be found on the Instagram home screen.

To create a Reel on Instagram, tap the “+” icon on the bottom of the screen and select “Reel” from the menu at the bottom.

Instructions on creating a reel using the Instagram Stories Camera.

To access the Instagram Stories camera and create a Reel, swipe left from the home screen of Instagram.

Select “Reel” from the bottom menu.

Reels can be recorded in various ways, including in a series of clips, in a single stream, or shot externally and uploaded.

To include external clips from your camera roll in your Reel, simply tap the “+” icon located next clip name in the bottom left corner.

To record footage within the Reels app, simply hold the recording circle located at the bottom of the screen.

Users have the option to add music to their video content by selecting a song from Instagram’s music library or uploading their own original audio.

One can choose the specific portion of a song they wish to add filters or showcase.

Sharing a Reel with original audio attributes the audio to the creator.

If you have a public account, users can create Reels with your audio by selecting “Use Audio” from your Reel.

The left sidebar allows you to choose the speed of your video, ranging from.3x to 4x, with 1x being the default speed option.

To enable hands-free filming, utilize Instagram’s timer and countdown feature.

The timer record feature enables hands-free recording of clips. Upon pressing record, a 3-2-1 countdown initiates before recording starts for the chosen duration.

The option to align your clips can be useful for creating smooth and seamless transitions in your footage.

To access effects, users can tap the three stars icon above the record button to browse and search Instagram’s effects gallery.

To trim, edit clips reorder, or add clips, tap “Next” and then “Edit clips.”

To remove a clip, tap it and select “Discard clips:”

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Step #3: Preview and Add Additional AR Effects and Text when you create reels (you can add music from Instagram’s music library)

After finalizing the clips, click on “Next” and then “Preview.”

Instagram offers a variety of effects that can enhance your content.

These tools and filters found on Instagram Stories are likely recognizable to those familiar with the platform.

  • TIP: Explore trending audio on Instagram by heading to the Reels tab — take a scroll and note any tracks that have the “trending” arrow for your next clip.ICYMI: Bookmark our Instagram Reels trends blog to keep up with trending Reels sounds.Step #4: Share Your Instagram ReelNow it’s time to share your creation.

  • Choose a cover photo by tapping “Edit cover” and write a captivating caption that speaks to your Reel:From here, toggle whether you’d like to share your Reel to the Instagram Feed. We recommend sharing to Feed for the best reach.To tag Instagram accounts in your Reel, tap “Tag People” — here you’ll also have the option to invite a collaborator.If the user accepts your invite to collab, your post will be shared with their followers and they’ll be shown as a co-author on the post:You can also add a location, tag products, add up to three topics, and toggle “Recommend on Facebook” to increase your reach.

  • Finally, tap “Share:”And just like that, you’ve successfully posted your very first Reel — job done!How to Create Best-in-class Instagram ReelsOk, so now that you know how to make a Reel on Instagram, how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s all in the execution!Here are three top tips for creating best-in-class Reels:Hook Your AudienceProvide ValueHop on Timely Trends#1: Hook Your AudienceAccording to a , brands and businesses have a mere studyeight secondsto grab a user’s attention.For comparison, goldfish have a nine-second attention span.To keep users sticking around for longer, it’s important to have an opening hook: what will immediately grab their attention

  • This can be an open-ended question, a catchy visual, or an exciting announcement.Play around and see how your audience responds, just remember, sometimes the simplest hooks derive the best results.See how Chamberlain Coffee teased an upcoming product launch below: The message is simple and clear, communicating the message right off the top with a fun, ASMR-esque animation.

  • #2: Provide ValueIt’s no secret that Instagram Reels are capable of catapulting a brand’s reach and impressions. But the ones that stand out are the videos that provide real value. The secret? Knowing who you’re speaking to and what their expectations are.Whether they’re looking for quick tips, an easy recipe, or a relatable joke, providing value can take many shapes and forms.For example, see how the brand KraveBeauty shares a quick tutorial on how to tackle stressed skin using their products:Coupled with a clear caption to support the clip, the post garnered over 37K views and inspired a chatty comments section — proving that value is ultimately where the heart is on Instagram Reels.

  • #3: Hop on Timely TrendsWhether it’s dances, audio, or challenges, following trends are a major part of creating viral Instagram Reels.This means being immersed in Reels content is key.That way, you can identify new trends and incorporate them into your overall strategy and niche.TIP: Carve out some time to comb through the Reels feed, peruse what pops up on the explore page, and note any trends that catch your eye!And that’s it!Whether you’re a brand, business, or creator, adding Instagram Reels to your marketing strategy in 2023 is a surefire way to increase your reach, build trust, and connect with your audience.Equipped with a plan, some creativity, and an effect or two, you’ll be reaping the rewards (cough, engagement!) of Instagram Reels in no time.Ready to get started? Start scheduling Reels with Later, the #1 visual marketing platform — today!

To stay updated on trending Reels sounds, remember to bookmark our Instagram Reels trends blog.

Step #4: Share Your Instagram Reel

It is time to share your creation now.

Select a cover photo by clicking on “Edit cover” and write an engaging caption for your Reel.

You can choose to share your Reel to the Instagram Feed for better reach.

To tag Instagram accounts in your Reel, simply tap “Tag People” and you can also invite a collaborator.

If the user agrees to collaborate, your post will be shared with their followers and they will be listed as a co-author on the post.

You have the option to include a location, tag products, add up to three topics, and enable “Recommend on Facebook” to broaden your reach.

Finally, tap “Share:”

Congratulations on successfully posting your first Reel. Task accomplished.

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