How to market a car dealership on Instagram (Retailers)

How to market a car dealership on Instagram (Retailers)

The automotive industry invests heavily in TV advertising.

Both large corporations and small businesses allocate significant funds towards television advertising.

Both big brands and small dealerships allocate substantial funds towards TV advertisements.

Big auto brands use visual storytelling to sell cars by crafting complex, emotional stories to persuade their target audience that purchasing a Ford, Toyota, or BMW aligns with their identity.

Here are the Superbowl commercials that car companies aired.

They are discussing the essence of their car service brand, aiming how to market a car seller on their instagram feed to persuade many Americans to choose their next car.

Local car dealerships allocate significant funds towards television commercials, although their messaging differs in comparison.

This is an example of a commercial from Charles Maund Toyota, a local dealership in Austin, Texas.

The example provided is indicative of local car dealership advertisements, with a focus on pricing, financing options, and specifics.

From a marketing standpoint, it meets all the criteria.

Various discounts are available, including savings on the 2015 Crewmax Tundra.

They emphasize the need for speed by repeating the word “hurry.”

They assert their expertise as the top dealer in Austin based on sales volume.

In contrast to the Superbowl commercials, their goal is to drive sales, attract customers to the dealership and encourage car purchases.

The address of the dealership is provided at the end of regular post.

However, it is uncommon to write down an address from a television commercial.

Is that still a common practice?

The effectiveness of these ads for brands and car dealerships is evident, as they likely still generate a considerable return on investment.

There is room for improvement.

With the trend of cord-cutting on the rise, the automotive industry is experiencing a lag in its advertising strategies. TV ads are often seen as expensive and lacking in targeting specificity.

Digital advertising, particularly on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, is a valuable marketing channel. If starting a car dealership, focusing on Instagram as a primary marketing channel could be beneficial, with potential for increased sales through direct messaging.

Many IG users have a strong affinity for cars, making it a platform with valuable and relatively inexpensive advertising opportunities.

If you work in the automotive business or marketing and have clients who own car retailers.

If you are a dealership owner.

If you are employed in a sales team or marketing at a dealership.

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Marketing Tactics for the Automotive Industry

In summary, TV commercials continue to be a beneficial advertising and marketing tool for auto brands, with up to 56% of millennials potentially becoming aware of local car retailers through this medium.

Social media marketing is often overlooked and is considered to be priced below its true value.

Research conducted by Bain and Company shows that almost half of all car sales begin online, which is not unexpected given the prevalence of cord-cutters and the widespread use of digital and social media channels for various purposes such as news, entertainment, and shopping.

Instagram has changed the way auto advertising and shopping is done, catering to both luxury car buyers and traditional consumers.

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Over 5 million active users in the U.S. have identified auto-related video content as their top passion on Instagram.

Maybe you’re wondering:

  • What strategies can be utilized to increase car sales through social media?

  • Is it possible for me to do this task, even without knowledge of Instagram?

  • Is it possible to establish long-term relationships with customers through online channels?

  • Are buying decisions commonly made on mobile phones?

  • What strategies can be implemented to outperform our competitors on Instagram?

  • There is a debate about whether the benefits of Instagram outweigh the effort required to maintain it.

This article will provide guidance on answering common questions, sharing advertising and marketing strategies used by real car dealers’hips, discussing various types of customers, and offering examples user generated content from major used car dealers’ brands that can be adapted for your business information own social media.

Why Car Brands and Dealerships Love Instagram

Having a car-centric post, profile picture or post on Instagram allows you to connect with people who share your passion and are seeking inspiration and information. Your post and content can help your core audience immer your themselves in their interest.

Enrico Hanisch, a digital strategist and creative content creator for Audi, suggests that Instagram is the perfect social media platform for automotive marketing content due to the user generated content its visual nature. This allows people and car dealers’hips to connect in a visually appealing way.

Mercedes-Benz prioritizes reaching a younger audience on Instagram, believing that building a positive brand association now will lead to future car purchases. Nataneal Sijanta, the Director of Global Marketing Communications, emphasizes the importance of using video content for success connecting with digital natives who will become potential customers.

How Car Dealerships Connect with Their Local Car Communities

Successful marketers understand the significance of researching their target audience and aligning their dealership with a specific community. This enhances brand recognition and encourages customer engagement, leading to increased showroom visits and referrals from happy customers.

Dealerships are utilizing Instagram’s different features such as the regular feed, Stories, and live streams to reach various segments of their audience effectively. They can have their posts appear in the feeds of their followers either organically or through promotions. Videos showcasing road trips can give potential car buyers, a glimpse into the lifestyle associated with their vehicles. Live streaming from local dealerships can be used to promote flash sales.

There are various ways in which individuals utilize social media platform Instagram to engage with the local car dealer community, providing insight into car dealer and potential customer interests.

  • Adventure

There is a sub-genre of car enthusiasts who enjoy adventure and showcasing how their vehicles handle extreme conditions, often focusing on exploration of nature. Thompson’s Toyota frequently shares photos from Toyota drivers exploring areas in and around California.

  • Road Trips

During a road trip, many people develop a strong bond with their vehicle. Look for user photos featuring landscapes, with their car visible in the frame, and take note of customer photos and their comments on the comfort provided by their vehicle.

  • Car Shows

Car shows are popular events for car enthusiasts, where attendees can see posts from both participants and owners of the vehicles on display.

Galpin Motors participates in the car show by showcasing their own vehicles and sharing updates on Instagram. This provides a great opportunity to engage with visitors at the event and attract them to visit their booth.

  • Performance and Features

Fifty-two percent of users watch car videos, to evaluate car performance and driving experience. Auto dealerships can use entertaining videos of their cars to address these questions and appeal to potential customers’ interest in speed and excitement. It is important to focus on addressing the specific questions your customers may have.

  • Crowdsourcing

IG users seek advice maintenance tips from fellow car owners and experts. In addition to information from the car dealers’hips, customers value social proof from actual drivers. Major World includes quotes and ratings from real customers in their posts. Tagging customers in posts (with their permission) could enhance this approach further.

Porsche’s Instagram marketing strategy emphasizes customer photos and sharing stories from real people rather than highlighting car specifications or speed. Their goal is to immerse their audience in the daily experience of owning a Porsche on your Instagra

  • New Car

When purchasing a car, it is a significant expense for many individuals. It is common for new car owners to share pictures of their purchase on social media platforms like Instagram. Studies show that forty-one percent of Instagram users post a photo of their new car. Consider offering prospective customers the opportunity to have their photo taken at your dealership for your social media business account.

  • Visual Stimulation

Car enthusiasts enjoy viewing images of various cars, including concept, vintage, and new models. The photos do not necessarily need to be professionally edited or of top-notch quality; even customer-submitted photos of less pristine vehicles are well-received.

  • Luxury

Luxury car dealerships utilize Instagram to showcase their exclusive vehicles, making them aspirational yet accessible to a wider audience. The exclusivity of these cars adds to their allure.

Mercedes-Benz UK implemented a Stories campaign showcasing the driving experience of an open-top C-Class Cabriolet through video content, often presented in split-screen format, emphasizing a thrilling and aspirational narrative. The ad can be viewed for further details.

  • Giving Back

Land Rover shared images on their Instagram account showcasing their partnership with the American Red Cross and the role their vehicles have played in assisting people during emergencies.

Friendly Ford organized a charitable event on a local level by filling one of their cars with items for families in need right before Thanksgiving. They used branded hashtags to promote the event and informed local residents how they could get involved.

Popular Instagram Hashtags for the Auto Community and for Instagram users

In addition to using local and branded hashtags, consider incorporating popular industry hashtags used by the auto community. Join in on conversations with some of these broader hashtags.

  • #carlifestyle

  • #carsofinstagram

  • #carporn

  • #carspotting

  • #carstagram

  • #carswithoutlimits

  • #instacars

  • #supercars

Certain car companies utilize branded hashtags and instagram accounts to engage their community and feature curated instagram content strategy. Mercedes-Benz promotes #mbfanphoto in their bio and instagram story , while Porsche shares images tagged with branded hashtag #PorscheMoment as an Instagram content strategy on your Instagram feed.

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